Resound is a project funded by NZ On Air and delivered by SOUNZ in partnership with RNZ Concert. The most recent development of the project allows us to film New Zealand music in concert and make it available for streaming online.


SOUNZ is grateful to the performers, composers and presenters of these works for their co-operation and generosity. This is the first time New Zealand art music has been purposefully documented on film and marks the beginning of an important new resource. The full list is kept updated below.


The Resound Project is managed by Chris Watson, with audio curation by Salina Fisher and is divided into three phases of work:


Phase 1: Relicensing, auditioning and re-broadcast of recordings of works held in the RNZ Concert New Zealand Composer Archive.


This phase is an ongoing initiative to address a large body of recordings with expired broadcast rights.


It started with a digitisation project (an initiative of SOUNZ, RNZ Concert and the Alexander Turnbull Library), pre-dating Resound, which brought the recordings over from various reel-to-reel, VHS cassette, DAT and CD formats to the digital domain.


The process involves an Auditioning Panel, experts assembled by SOUNZ, who audition the recordings and assess suitability for broadcast or streaming via the RNZ Concert and SOUNZ website.


Permissions from composers and performers who feature in the selected recordings are acquired - allowing the pieces to be heard again. 


Selected works that passed the auditioning process are re-mastered in-house at RNZ Concert and have been broadcast and entered into rotation.


There are now 528 Resound works streaming online via SOUNZ's media-on-demand platform, click here to access these works.  




Phase 2: Re-recording of works considered by the Auditioning Panel (through Phase 1) to be of artistic merit but where existing recordings were found to be unsuitable for broadcast.


-        In 2012 the NZTrio (Justine Cormack – violin, Ashley Brown – cello, Sarah Watkins – piano) recorded the following works (recorded and engineered by Tim Dodd):

In 2014 there were three Phase 2 recording sessions, the first a series of works by Ross Harris commissioned over a number of years by former NZSO Principal Horn player Ed Allen (who played in these recordings): 

  • Ross Harris: Horn Call on Makara Cliff
  • Ross Harris: Butrymonys Lament
  • Ross Harris: Fanfares

The second session recorded the following chamber music with the musicians Rachel Vernon (clarinet), Andrew Joyce (cello), Peter Barber (viola), Richard Mapp (piano), Edward Allen (horn) and Emma Sayers (piano):

The final session drew on the wonderful Tudor Consort and organist Richard Apperley in the setting of the Wellington Cathedral of St Paul:
  • Jack Body: Music for the New Zealand Liturgy
  • Dorothy Buchanan: Mass in English
  • David Farquhar: I Sing of a Maiden
  • Douglas Mews: Prologue, Fugue and Epilogue on the name 'Schnitger'
The 2014 Resound Phase 2 recordings will be released in 2015.
In 2015 we recorded a selection of chamber and choral works at St Andrew's on The Terrace, with the talents of NZSO players Peter Barber (viola), Patrick Barry (clarinet) and Rachel Vernon (clarinet), and Baroque Voices, directed by Pepe Becker:
  • Christopher Blake: A Viola on Skye
  • Christopher Blake: Towards Peace
  • David Farquhar: Five Canons for Two Clarinets
  • Jack Body: Wedding Song for St Cecilia
  • Dorothy Buchanan: A Garland of Haiku
  • Dorothy Buchanan: Four John Fletcher Songs
  • Carol Shortis: Tangi


Phase 2.0: Performances of significant New Zealand works are captured on film using an array of high definition cameras.  Multi-camera edits are realised at in-house at SOUNZ and are (in most cases) combined with audio captured and edited by RNZ Concert. The following works have been filmed and are in various stages of editing and release via SOUNZ online Media On Demand:


  • Sarah Ballard: street : noise : graffiti
  • Chris Blake: Symphony
  • Jack Body: Turtle Time
  • Jack Body: No.5 of Five Melodies
  • Jack Body: Superimpositions
  • Jack Body: Melodies for Orchestra
  • Eve de Castro-Robinson: Cries of Auckland
  • Eve de Castro-Robinson: Triple Clarinet Concerto
  • John Elmsly: One mouth, two voices
  • John Elmsly: Septet, 'wave-rock-beat'
  • John Elmsly: The Voice of Experience
  • John Elmsly: Dialogue II
  • David Farquhar: For Harry
  • David Farquhar: Homage to G.G.
  • David Farquhar: Sun and Shadow: Telephonic No.13 (721-230)
  • Gareth Farr: Relict Furies
  • Gareth Farr: Te Tai-o-Rehua
  • Gareth Farr: Concerto for Percussion and Orchestra
  • Salina Fisher: Rainphase
  • Salina Fisher: Tōrino
  • Chris Gendall: Choruses
  • David Hamilton: EREBUS
  • Ross Harris: Brass Poppies
  • Ross Harris: In Memory Judith Clark
  • Ross Harris: Symphony No.2
  • Ross Harris: Symphony No.6, "Last Letter"
  • Ross Harris: There may be light
  • Ross Harris: Aria
  • Ross Harris: Chant
  • Ross Harris: Etude (Waves)
  • Ross Harris: Nga Manu
  • Ross Harris: Piano Fragments
  • Ross Harris: study in blue and green (Paekakariki)
  • Ben Hoadley: 10.10.10
  • Samuel Holloway: Mono
  • Leonie Holmes: Aquae Sulis
  • Leonie Holmes: Ritual
  • Natalie Hunt: Clarinet Duets in Red and Black
  • Brad Jenkins: The Way Out is Through
  • Dylan Lardelli: Retracing
  • Douglas Lilburn: Canon for Two Clarinets
  • Douglas Lilburn: Suite for Solo Viola
  • Douglas Lilburn: No.1 and 2 of Nine Short Pieces
  • Jeremy Mayall: The Effect of Bundled Sticks on Sound
  • Clovis McEvoy: Change Blindness
  • Jenny McLeod: Little Symphony
  • Andrew Perkins: Concerto Grosso
  • John Psathas: No Man's Land
  • Anthony Ritchie: Three Pieces for J.A.R.
  • Anthony Ritchie: Wind Quintet Op. 142
  • Patrick Shepherd: Lithosphere
  • Alex Taylor: Bassoon Concerto
  • Alex Taylor: vis-à-vis
  • Alex Taylor: a coincidence of surfaces I, II and III
  • James Wade: Te Matua Ngahere
  • Chris Watson: schemata
  • Gillian Whitehead: the improbable ordered dance
  • Gillian Whitehead: Poroporoaki
  • Ken Wilson: Duo for Clarinet and Bassoon
  • Ken Wilson: Quintet
  • Anthony Young: Leave Your Light On
  • Kenneth Young: Gone




The following documentaries have also been realised:



  • Alex Taylor and Ben Hoadley discuss Bassoon Concerto
  • Alex Taylor discusses The Last Delirium of Arthur Rimbaud
  • Patrick Shepherd discusses Lithosphere
  • Salina Fisher discusses Rainphase
  • Brad Jenkins discusses The Way Out is Through
  • Samuel Holloway, Dylan Lardelli and Chris Gendall discuss the MYS Trio project
  • Andrew Hagen: Fishing for Clients
  • Elizabeth Kerr introduces Alex Taylor's a coincidence of surfaces commissions
  • John Psathas introduces No Man's Land
  • Ross Harris introduces Brass Poppies
  • Salina Fisher discusses Rainphase for the SOUNZ Contemporary Award
  • Chris Cree Brown discusses Viola Concerto for the SOUNZ Contemporary Award
  • Kenneth Young discusses Piano Trio for the SOUNZ Contemporary Award






Phase 3: The commissioning of new, large scale works by New Zealand composers. A future activity through the Resound project.





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