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On this page are answers to the most commonly asked questions about how to get the most out of using the SOUNZ website. If you can't find the answer you are looking for then please email us and we will do our best to help.
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Joining SOUNZ

Q:  Help! I can't login!

A: If you are having trouble creating a new login then you should try clearing your web browser's cache - previously stored information in your browser can interfere with our Captcha security check.  If you have already created a login and it doesn't seem to work, then please try resetting your password by clicking the 'forgotten your password' link from the homepage.

Q: If I set up a login will you send me lots of unsolicited emails?

A: No, however you can request our monthly eSOUNZ Updates when creating a login

Q: Where is my latest issue of SOUNZnews?

A: Our SOUNZnews is currently out of production - you can read archived editions of SOUNZnews in the News section of the website.

Q: How do I become a SOUNZ-Represented Composer or Contributor?

A: The process of becoming a SOUNZ Contributor is outlined on the For Contributors section of the website.  Please read the information first, and if you believe you are eligible to be a SOUNZ-Represented Composer or Contributor please get in touch with us!


Searching on the SOUNZ website?

Q: How can I search the entire website, not just the catalogue?

A: Using Google, type "" before you enter what you are looking for.  This will get results for all public listings on the SOUNZ website by keyword relevance (includes pages of information, products, profiles, etc.).  Here is a link to a prepared template for site searching the SOUNZ website using Google (type what you are looking for after the text that is already in the search field).  Unfortunately our search engine is not set up for site keyword searching.

Q: Where do I start?

A: On the Music, People, Events and Media On Demand pages you can browse through the results and refine them by using the 'facets' on the left hand side of the page.  Clicking on one of the list will reveal further categories and the number in brackets indicate the number of relevant results.  You can combine the different categories to get to a very specific list of works you are interested in.  The results are listed below the search box.  If you know the name of the work, or the composer, then run the search first before using the facets to find exactly what you are looking for!

Q: Why can't I find a CD?

A: In the music search, you are primarily searching for works, that is, the works that appear on that CD. There are two ways you can find the CD itself:
1) type the name of the CD into the music search box and select the 'CD and DVDs' quicklink before clicking 'search'.
2) after doing a simple music search by writing a term in the search box, click on the 'availability' link of a music search result. The CD you are looking for will appear in the list of available materials associated with that particular work.

Q: What does computer-set mean?

A: The term 'computer-set' means the score is type-set by notation software, rather than handwritten by the composer (facsimile).  If you are after a downloadable score then look out for scores that are PDFs!

Q: Is there an advanced search for music?

A: Yes there is an advanced search for music which can be found by clicking on the link at the top of the Music Search page. This is a more traditional search where you tick boxes and select parameters to refine results and find the music you want.

TIP: Unless you are looking for works with a particular solo instrument or voice, we advise not using the tick boxes. Using the 'Type of music' dropdown is the correct way to find particular instrumental or vocal categories.

Q: What is a resource?

A: Resources refer to all the materials in the SOUNZ Library that are about music by NZ composers or about NZ music. They can be books, CDs, periodicals, DVDs, education resources, kits or magazines. Many of the items in the resource library at SOUNZ can also be purchased.

Q: Is there a sample available of the work I am interested in?

A: There are three types of samples on the SOUNZ website: score (pdf), audio (mp3) and video (.flv). With permission from composers and publishers, samples of scores, recordings and performances are linked to the works and materials they refer to. Wherever you see the icons below there is a link to a sample of that kind.  On the music search page, under 'format' you can choose to only view works that have samples.

 Picture Picture Picture
 Score Audio Video

Score samples: are usually show 1-8 pages of a score. These are pdfs and will either display in your web browser or will be automatically downloaded.

Audio samples: through a special arrangement with APRA we have audio samples of up to 1 minute on the website. These are prepared as mp3 files will either display in your web browser or will be automatically downloaded.

Video Samples: these short samples are in .flv format and should play in most browsers without downloading any special software. Check out the Media On Demand section of the website where you can listen to or watch full performances.

If there are no available samples of the work you are interested in, then please contact us and we will see what we can do!


Borrowing Music

Q: Why doesn't the borrow button work?

A: To borrow music you will need to become a Library Member of SOUNZ.

Q: What can I borrow?

A: Membership allows you to borrow scores, recordings, periodicals, books and other resources for up to two months. We do not usually lend parts of works, as the library is intended to assist with the selection and perusal of repertoire prior to purchase or hire.

Q: How do I order items from the library?

A: When library members are logged into the website, where something can be borrowed it will be accompanied by a blue 'borrow' button. Clicking on this adds it to your shopping cart. When you check out a special order will be sent to SOUNZ for your library items.

You can also order items by email, phone or by visiting SOUNZ.

Q: Something I want to borrow says "Reserve" rather than "Borrow". Can I still borrow it?

A: "Reserve" means that the item is currently being borrowed by another Library Member. If you click on "reserve" a message will be sent to SOUNZ staff who will be able to let you know when the item will be available.

Q: The organisation I work for or study at is a member of the SOUNZ Library. Can I still borrow items using the website?

A: Yes you can, in theory. However there is only one login assigned per membership and you will need to approach the contact in your organisation regarding using this to order online, as they may prefer to make the order on your behalf. If you contact us we can tell you who in your organisation looks after the Library Membership.


Buying Music

There is general information in the Terms and Conditions of the SOUNZ website about buying goods from SOUNZ.

Q: Is the ecommerce facility on the SOUNZ website secure? Can the staff see my credit card details?

A: SOUNZ uses DPS for ecommerce orders. DPS is one of New Zealand's largest suppliers which has been developing and providing innovative and robust payment solutions for the Australian and New Zealand markets since 1997. The card details are encrypted and never available for SOUNZ staff to see.

Q: Who makes money from the sales at SOUNZ?

A: SOUNZ sells about 3,500 unpublished scores on behalf of composers - the composer receives 20% of sale. The remaining amount covers the administrative and production costs of the music. SOUNZ also acts as a distributor for self-published composers and many small recording companies and music publishers releasing music by NZ composers. You can be sure that when you buy music from SOUNZ you are directly supporting the artists who created and performed it.

Q: Can you send me a tax invoice?

A: We send a tax invoice with all orders for goods which are posted out. You will also receive a tax invoice with the confirmation of your online order.

Q: Can you invoice me or my organisation for purchases?

A: In most instances, we can.  Please contact us to arrange your order.  We cannot guarantee that we will despatch the goods with an invoice, particularly if the order is from outside New Zealand.

Q: How do I delete an item from my shopping cart?

A: All Items in the shopping cart are followed by a blue cross. Clicking on this will delete that item from your shopping cart. You can do this while preparing your order and also during the checkout process.  If you have accidentally put too many copies of one item, you must delete the whole item line before putting the desired quantity back in your shopping cart.

Q: I want to buy a large number of one item. How can I do that?

A: Beside the 'buy' button for products you will see a box with the word 'quantity' beside it. Write in the box how many items you wish to purchase. When you purchase scores or recordings by download you are also able to order more than one of these too.  For example, if your choir wants to perform a work, then you will need one copy for each member of the choir (unless you have an APRA licence).  Buying the required number of copies means that you have permission to make copies from the downloaded score for the members of the choir.  This also ensures that the composer receives a return for all the copies of this work that are being made and used.

Q: I want to make a large order (more than 15 separate products) and processing seems to be very slow.

A: It is possible to make a large order but you will have to be patient.  We recommend buying or borrowing no more than 10 items at a time.  This means you may have to split your order into several batches.

Q: I seem to have made a 'special order'. What is that?

A: A 'special order' is raised for one of two reasons:
1) the items you have purchased weigh more than 2 kilos;
2) you have ordered an item which is an unusual size or requires special packing.

Our staff will be in touch to confirm your order and give you information about the freight costs and options.

Q: Can I track my order online?

A: If you have selected a standard delivery option, then there are no tracking options.  If you have ordered by courier then you will receive a confirmation email when your order is dispatched with your tracking details. 

Q: Can I return an item I have bought from SOUNZ?

A: SOUNZ will meet its obligations under the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993. There is more information here about your rights. We usually cannot accept a return if you change your mind about the purchase.



Q:  What happens when I buy a score or recording by download?

A: Scores come as pdfs and recordings come as mp3s at either 128kps or 192kps. When you have been through checkout and purchased the download you will have three chances over three days to download the item. You will also receive an email with a link to the page where you can download the files. Please contact our friendly staff if you have any problems receiving a downloadable purchase.

If you haven't done a purchase by download before, then feel free to trial the process first using one of our free downloads, such as this MP3 or this PDF .


Using Information on the SOUNZ website

Q: Can I use the programme notes on the SOUNZ website?

A: If you wish to reproduce the programme notes for a work for any public purpose you need to get permission from the author.  Please contact SOUNZ if you wish to use any of the information found on the SOUNZ website.

Q: Can I give a public performance of the music I buy from SOUNZ?

A: We recommend that you always contact the composer when you are planning to perform his/ her works. Not only does this mean that they can report the performance to APRA, but they are usually very pleased to know about your performance.  Where a score is published you are able to perform the work. For some works you may need to hire parts. You may also have to arrange an APRA licence. You can check this with the venue, with APRA or with your local copyright licensing organisation.




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